Hearing Details
Hearing Number 18663

Online Reference: 18663
Hearing Date: 13th Oct 17
Hearing Time: 10:00
Time Estimate: 90 minutes
Funding Type: Private
Representation: claimant
Area of Law: Credit Hire
Court: Romford
Listed for: Final Hearing
Likely Quantum: Small Claim (up to 10k): £250 + VAT
Suggested Fee: £250.00
Notes: We require a Claimant credit hire barrister to attend the Small Claims Final Hearing on 13th October 2017.

This is a road traffic collision matter (liability not disputed) from which stems a claim for credit hire charges.

If available, please could one of the following Barristers be booked:

- Mr Ahmer Sajid
- Mr Alex Fletcher
- Mr Theo Pangraz
- Mr Colin Andress
- Mr Paul O'Callaghan

Many thanks