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About us, fee suggestions & the boring legal stuff

We have simplified the process of booking a Barrister for civil and family matters at any court or tribunal in England  Wales. 

The easy to use booking portal is a free service for anyone wishing to book a Barrister for a court hearing.  (Non-Lawyers can find a Barrister by using our sister service, It is unique because you set the fee and we find the solution. Clerksroom staff monitor online bookings between 0830 and 1800 Monday to Friday. For fast track, multi-track and MOJ Stage 3 Oral hearings we aim to allocate one of the barristers we clerk exclusively who are prepared to accept the hearing at the CPR rate or set fee. We always aim to allocate your hearing to counsel on the same day you submit the booking. As a guide, we will use our own barristers where the proposed fee is £250 + VAT or above. For hearings with fees below this figure we will look to local chambers or an agency to help you.

A unique feature of Clerksroom Online is that we work together with over 250 Chambers and various agency services throughout England & Wales.

We will always do our best to find a solution and have successfully found counsel for thousands of hearings. 

Please be aware this is a free service to both instructing solicitors and to local chambers, which we offer to streamline your instruction of counsel. We do not charge anyone for this service.

Get started:

1.         Sign up or login and submit your details. Propose a fee and leave it with us.

2.         Once your case is submitted you will receive an email with a unique reference number and confirmation of the details you submitted.

3.         We will assess your requirements and either accept the hearing for one of our members or invite a local chambers to accept it directly.

4.         Once your hearing has been accepted by Clerksroom, a local chambers or agency, you will receive a further email confirmation with details of the counsel or advocate, their contact details and name of the clerk dealing with your hearing.

The service has been designed as a fast and easy way to book counsel for Fast Track, Multi Track  and Applications and Small Claims Track  hearings. We are more than happy to deal with any request for a barrister or advocate for any hearing in England & Wales for any civil matter. We do not provide this service for criminal hearings.

Example fixed fees:

  • Stage 3 Oral Hearing: £250 + VAT (CPR Fee)
  • Small Claim Trial: £250-£350 + VAT
  • Insolvency Application Hearing:* £300-£350 + VAT*
  • Possession Hearing:* £250-£350 + VAT*
  • Bankruptcy Hearing:* £250-£350 + VAT*
  • Winding Up Petition:* £250 + VAT*
  • Fast Track Trial (RTA/EL/PL) for up to 1 day: £500 + VAT Fixed Fee (Up to £3,000, CPR Fee, No travel time or expenses)
  • Fast Track Trial (RTA/EL/PL) for up to 1 day: £710 + VAT Fixed Fee (£3,000 to £10,000, CPR Fee, No travel time or expenses)
  • Fast Track Trial (RTA/EL/PL) for up to 1 day: £1070 + VAT Fixed Fee (£10,000 to £15,000, CPR Fee, No travel time or expenses)
  • Fast Track Trial (RTA/EL/PL) for up to 1 day: £1705 + VAT Fixed Fee (More than £15,000, CPR Fee, No travel time or expenses)
  • Multi-Track Trial for 1 day: Brief Fee £ 1750 and 2nd day £1,000
  • Applications: Price will vary based on application type and preparation.
  • Employment Tribunal for 1 day: £1,250 + VAT
  • Costs hearing for 1 day: £1,250 - £1750+ VAT (Detailed Assessment, costs budgeting)
  • Costs hearing for half day: £500-£1000 + VAT (Detailed Assessment, costs budgeting)
  • Family Finance Hearing:  £750 - £1500 + VAT for up to 1 day

* Where the asterix is used above, the fee can vary based on the following factors:

  1. If we have a Barrister at the court in any event, we will always try and reduce our costs
  2. If a more senior Barrister is requested, the fee is likely to be higher
  3. The above fees with an asterix are a guide fee
  4. Fixed fees can be confirmed upon receipt of the papers for the hearing by the Barrister

Note: If the CPR Fixed Fee applies, we will always work to the CPR fee as set out in the CPR rules. (Click to go to CPR rules)

If you are new to the service, please sign up once and then you can login anytime. Your account will retain details of all cases you submit and it will provide you with a record of the barrister/advocate booked, fees agreed and the history. Any questions, please call our clerking team on 01823 247 247. If we have missed anything, please do ask.

Stephen Ward MD, Clerksroom Online

The Boring Legal Stuff

Important - Clerksroom do not accept any responsibility for the offer, allocation or acceptance of work through this free service at any time and shall not be liable for any direct or indirect damages or loss, howsoever arising, that may arise in respect of the use of this free service, which is provided to the user entirely at their sole risk and expense. Clerksroom operates a three strike policy in which the Chambers concerned are removed from using Clerksroom Online as it causes inconvenience to our clients and goes against the principle of the free service provided. Termination of the account is immediate and without notification.  By using this free service you are agreeing to be bound by these terms.

Please ensure your hearing has been submitted and that you have received a unique booking reference number for your submission. This is sent to you by email. Once your hearing has been accepted by Clerksroom, a local chambers or agency service, you will receive a further email with full contact information. All future communications must be directed to the counsel, chambers or agency who have accepted your hearing. Clerksroom cannot be responsible for the actions of any third party counsel, chambers or agency service.

Please note that Clerksroom cannot guarantee that your hearing will be accepted. We will endeavour to inform you if your hearing has not but this is not always possible and we do not accept responsibility if it is not accepted before the hearing.  


Each Barrister is responsible for their own complaints process. If the complaint relates to the service provided by our staff, the complaint should be sent to the senior clerk of the chambers where the Barrister is located. 

If in doubt, please just call us on 01823 247 247.

The Clerksroom complaints policy can be found on the website in the "everything else" section under policies. Click here to view. This complaints policy relates to the Barristers and staff at Clerksroom. A full list of our Barristers is available at